Marco DeMello - CEO

Marco DeMello is Xangô Group’s CEO and PSafe’s CEO.The executive has twenty years’ experience in technological innovation and higher education excellence in developing high-scale systems in United States.

In his career, he has worked as Manager at Microsoft Corp for 10 years and was responsible for projects such as the acquisition and expansion of Hotmail, Windows security infrastructure’s complete restructuring and the development of Exchange Server 2007.

Likewise, it was CTO of Sport Runner for four years in Los Angeles and was responsible for the creation of Malibu platform, able to optimize the buying and selling of millions of advertising opportunities per second in the media.

DeMello also obtained an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (USA).

Ram Rao - CMO

He has 10 years’ experience in online marketing (customer acquisition and traffic monetization) and is founder and vice president of the Xangô Group.

He stood out working as executive at Marketing Technology Solutions, a digital marketing company in the medical field with $ 40 million of profit annual.

He was also general manager of, taking responsibility for customer acquisition, sales and website directory growth and has seven years’ experience in online marketing to the customer at News America (part of News Corp. group).

Ram Rao graduated from the University of Columbia (USA)

Ben Myers - COO

In his career, Ben has direct experience in business development, contracts and finances to high impact web pages thanks to their working time at Netus Group in Australia.

He has seven years’ experience in creation and funding of online startups through venture capital (Enterprise Partners, Anthem Ventures) and also worked as Business Strategy Director and Business Development at Fox Studios.

Ben Myers has obtained an M.B.A from the University of UCLA (USA)