Who We Are

The Xangô Group is a holding company created to develop technology startups in Brazil. In order to make Brazil into a hub for digital technology knowledge, it invests in initiatives aimed at democratizing access to online safety, education, internet connection, and other innovation sources.


To revolutionize the internet industry in Latin America through the creation of innovative technologies, advanced Web 2.0/3.0 technologies and the large-scale use of cloud computing, establishing a new standard for online excellence.


To be recognized by our clients and our team not only as a leader in online technology, but also as a center of excellence in technological development and online innovations, where the best professionals improve their talents and grow with the Group’s companies.


Innovation – Always surprising, taking advantage of opportunities and breaking paradigms.
Quality and excellence – Always doing better and continuing to improve.
Ethics – Acting correctly and respecting others.
Responsibility – Being responsible for the company, for our acts and for honoring our commitments.
Collaboration – Sharing, being helpful and valuing different points of view.
Passion – Persistence and energy when faced with challenges.
Leadership – Take risks when necessary with strength and courage to question the status quo.