PSafe is a Brazilian technology company that aims to provide security, confidence and peace of mind for the digital lives of millions of Brazilians and Latin Americans.

Founded in 2011, it develops and distributes a range of free products for personal computers and mobile phones with focus on antivirus protection, performance optimization and fast and safe navigation, among other functions. They are:

Total PSafe Android: a full-service toolkit for phones that includes a powerful antivirus, acceleration and antitheft functions, along with privacy protection and management of battery consumption.

Total PSafe: a complete antivirus that scans your PC, in addition to freeing up disk space and improving performance in just one click.

PSafe Internet: a lightweight secure browser, up to two times faster than the market leader. It offers features such as advanced ad blocking and phishing protection, as well as besides an exclusive store with access to free software and game downloads.

Lightweight, effective and above all—free—products designed to ensure the safety and tranquility of all types of users.

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